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VIP Personal Training Services

Tara is a certified personal trainer accepting 5 VIP clients from September 2019 onward for in-person training. This is small group training where you train with other men and women for 12 weeks at a time called " Bootcamp." Payment can be made in instalments and is a total fee of $2,160 per person. Pay a deposit of $720 up front and receive a discount of 8% off the total fee.

These body positive sessions are designed to make sure your goals are met in the most holistic method possible. Tara believes that anyone who wants real change in their life can attain it and she is a guide in the process. The real work comes to you when you are ready. Strength training protects bone health and muscle mass and improves cardiovascular health. You won't bulk up unless you want to - see this article for more info from Canyon Ranch (a private medical spa fitness centre in the USA)

A free assessment of 30 minutes is offered before any payment to make sure both Tara and the client are in alignment.

Online Personal Training Services

Tara also offers online personal training offered using the Trainerize app. Fee is $135 per month for a commitment of six months total. This involves a free assessment and biweekly checkins through Zoom to see where you are at with your workouts on Trainerize.

Body Positive and Senior Fitness Classes

Sold in blocks of 10 classes. Total cost $300 payable in instalments. Includes Walk 15 and Yoga.

Ages 50 years + receive a 5% discount for Chair Yoga Gold and Strength & Stretch Gold.

Limit 6 participants. Starting September 2019.


Meal plans – included with personal training clients for free. Not a personal training client? Fee is $30 per hour. Free initial consult 20 mins.

Walking Club

Find Your Feet

Free. Offered April – July only.

Forcing yourself out of bed each morning? Exhausted but pushing through your days anyway?

Your stress energy level is killing you. Here are 5 Tips to get healthy. Today.