Personal Training Services, Fitness Class, Yoga and Meditation: Fit for Fall 2020

Covid-19 Pricing.  Payment via Square/PayPal/Etransfer.

Pre-paid $50 plus HST per month for September-Christmas Holiday 2020

Online Personal Training, Nutritional Support and CPCC Coaching combined to provide you with the support you need during uncertainty.  Tara believes that food is fuel for the body and can help you discover the fun in fitness!

Offered through Zoom conference calling.

Strength training protects bone health and muscle mass and improves cardiovascular health. You won't bulk up unless you want to - see this article for more info from Canyon Ranch (a private medical spa fitness centre in the USA)

A free assessment of 30 minutes is offered before any payment is made to make sure both Tara and the client are in alignment.

Walking Club

Find Your Feet

Now ended - thanks to everyone who came and donated to Feed Nova Scotia!

Maximum 10 people.  Register by emailing

Nordixx Poles provided (optional)

Resistance Bands provided (Kaitlyn A Beaver, and Tara MacDonald, Personal Trainers)

Working with Covid-19 restrictions

Meeting at the Fairbanks Centre, Shubie Park, Dartmouth NS Canada

Requesting donations to Feed NS in return for our services

Nordic Pole Walking is a low-impact exercise that provides the highest benefits for health,  wellness and fitness for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Anyone can become a Nordic Pole Walker and instantly experience the benefits of poling.  Pole Walking  has been proven and validated through many scientific and clinical research studies to be a catalyst in promotion of improving your health,  physical activity and rehabilitation.

Nordic Pole Walking started in Finland in the early 1990s as a way for cross-country skiers to train during the summer months.  It was introduced as a low-impact form of exercise that involves walking with a pair of customized poles. The activity exploded across Europe in the 1990s and has grown to the point where today more than 20% of Finns and approximately 10-15 million Germans regularly pole walk.

Anyone who suffers from diabetes, who's overweight or has high blood pressure and has been encouraged by their physician to exercise, this is the activity for you.   Or if you are already an active walker and want to see even greater improvements in your health,  this activity is also great for you.  The basis is simple.  Normal walking utilizes muscles in the lower half of the body while pole walking adds the use of your upper body muscles,  your arms, back, shoulders and neck.  Pole Walking turns your walk into a whole-body activity.

Numerous clinical studies show the vast benefits of pole walking, especially among seniors.  Poling contributes to faster weight loss, better cardiovascular health and better posture.  Poling even helps people recovering from knee or hip surgery to get moving again through the support from the poles.

The health benefits of pole walking are so convincing that hospitals and medical associations are actively encouraging its integration into health and wellness practice.
Some of the benefits of Nordic Pole Walking are:

*  you incorporate 90% use of body muscles (only 40% while walking without poles)
*  you increase your cardiovascular workout
*  increases of up to 46% higher calorie expenditure
*  there is reduced stress on your hips and knees through the support of the poles
*  you improve your posture and balance
*  perceived as less workout than the actual true physical exertion
*  upper body activity using the poles improves upper body mobility
*  upper body activity using the poles reduces upper back, neck and shoulder pains
*  it is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels