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Create Real Change

on the Greek Island of Mykonos where there are no distractions for your self-care and inward journey of love

Relax & De-Stress

Fuel Your Soul

Create Real Change

Ever reached that point when everything around you is falling apart and you need a serious break?

Most of us, especially in busy cities with equally busy lives, feel that way, I promise you.

Personally, I hit the wall a few times a year, when I know I need to unplug completely – from my surroundings, my phone and even people around me. When we get to that point, most of us would normally say that we need a “vacation.” But is a vacation really enough?

I love traveling, it is a true passion, but since I became a coach and professional trainer, I woke up to a great reality: vacations are not always enough.

Of course, it is great fun to get away and visit terrific places around the globe but oftentimes we select places that have so much to see and do, that by the end of the vacation, we feel exhausted and need another break to recuperate from the holiday we just had.

Sound familiar?

Lets Focus on You

What if you could have a week surrounded by the white architecture of sunny, coastal Greece?

Even better... on a Greek Island where there are no distractions for your self-care and inward journey of love.

You'll have fun of course with what we've got planned for the week.

It's been a rough winter and you're not looking forward to another one.

The Caribbean looks like a great idea but you find you don't do the work on yourself and enjoy your time partying there but find there's no meaning to what's going on around you.

You come back to Canada and nothing changes. You feel stuck and out of sync with everything around you. Two weeks later and that vacation feels like a distant memory.

What if we could create real change... together?

You've been meaning to take that vacation. You've wanted a warm beach and European experience but life and work have gotten in the way.

A Week of Harmony with Classes for You Including:

  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Personal Training
  • Nutritional Support
  • Wisdom Circle
  • CPCC coaching
  • Mala making
  • And a one day excursion

Plus, a night trip to Mykonos for that celebration with new friends you've made on this trip!

Come to the Wellness Retreat with Tara MacDonald in Mykonos, 2019
Harmony Health and Wellness Retreat with Tara MacDonald in Mykonos, 2019

The Harmony Wellness Retreat might be just the answer you've been searching for if:

  • You need some serious "ME" time
  • Your digestive system needs a break
  • You're curious about how nutrition and exercise can fuel your body
  • You'd like to travel with like-minded people
  • You're longing to grow personally
  • You're curious how to bring meditation to your present
  • You need accountability to make a commitment to your body


Does this sound like JUST what you need? We're hosting a workshop on September 28, 2019 to share what the Retreat will be like.

September 28th, 2019
Location:  Dartmouth, N.S. Canada
Opening stretch class
Vision Boarding
Goal Setting
Meditation and Oracle card reading (Reiki)
1 hour workout led by Tara MacDonald and Kaitlyn Beaver
Peer to peer support - Wisdom Circle led by Kaitlyn Beaver
Lunch provided.  Journals provided.

This workshop is free to the first five individuals who pay the deposit on the Harmony Health & Wellness package operated by Suzana Cabrita, TPI Travel Agent.
Maximum 10 individuals for the workshop. Value of workshop $3,500
Fee: TBA

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