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Help my team at the MS SOCIETY WALK in HALIFAX, NS My Aunt is originally from the Valley area in Nova Scotia. She has a sister that is courageously dealing with her MS diagnosis and has done so for years. The MS has not stopped the big heart of my Aunt’s sister or her actions in her family and friends. I’m walking that day to…

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Wellness Wednesday!

What’s going on with me? Well, let me tell you. I just finished an awesome business retreat called Activate Your Awesome in Orlando, FL. I’ve been a participant in this retreat since it was held originally at Oceanstone Resort in Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia. The next time I went it was held at Atlantica…

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Happy New Year! My word for 2019 is Reserve

New Year, New You! How often do you hear that? Especially at this time of year? A lot. Right? What is the message you understand from that question?  What resonates with you? I’ll tell you mine.  I feel defensive.  As though I’m under the spotlight and not already at my best self.  That’s my feeling. …

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Plus Fitness With Tara website is live!

Hello everybody, and welcome to my website! Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you love this platform as much as I do. Plus Fitness With Tara™ means so much to me because the journey along the way has taught me so many things about living a healthy, fulfilling life in the body that…

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Forcing yourself out of bed each morning? Exhausted but pushing through your days anyway?

Your stress energy level is killing you. Here are 5 Tips to get healthy. Today.