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I'm Tara MacDonald. I’m a curvy, fun, body-positive coach and personal trainer.

I love business and fitness.

Do you want the tools you need to be a rock star in fitness?

Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do.
Not a punishment for what you ate.
Your goal may be to put the fun back into fitness -
I help with that and more.

Fun and Fitness with Tara MacDonald,

Welcome to my online home for any individual looking for inspiration on movement or anyone with mobility challenges, delivered by Certified Trainer, Tara MacDonald.

I want to inspire you though movement, nutrition, and fun to live a healthier life.

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Jessica MacNutt, R.I.P.

I remember her strongly after investing money into her business, about how she thanked myself and Suzanne Milner for a marketing consult. We held it at my home. Jessica was on fire! She loved her business and thought she could make it bloom. Years ago, she had one competitor in HRM. She even included…

#goldenyear let it be… compassion

The story begins with gratitude… 👉All the front line workers keeping us safe by doing their jobs and those hidden workers going above and beyond to make sure we still have some normalcy to life around us. Some connection. Today, I observed the 6feet rule and plexiglass in my grocery store. I saw a post…

Start with… someday and make it today!

Promotion for the Health & Harmony Wellness Retreat starts in March – hard to believe we are there – the coaches are (besides myself) Scott Walsh, Dawn Perrier and Amanda Swales. We are all so excited – this is going to be a great trip to Rodd Crowbush PEI and a week I’m already looking…

Forcing yourself out of bed each morning? Exhausted but pushing through your days anyway?

Your stress energy level is killing you. Here are 5 Tips to get healthy. Today.